Why It’s Time To Embrace Full-Fibre For Your Broadband

Full fibre

Full-fibre is a future-proofed technology that offers many advantages over traditional broadband. By delivering your broadband via full-fibre cables directly into your property, you’ll be able to enjoy more reliable broadband, faster connection speeds and a much-improved overall experience.

Why ultrafast fibre from Broadway Broadband?

At Broadway, we are working hard to make sure communities can be connected as quickly as possible, to provide ultrafast connectivity for now, and for years to come.

We’re focusing on communities that won’t be upgraded at any point in the foreseeable future, and even if you are lucky enough to be receiving speeds of 50-80Mbps, the ability to have ultrafast speeds up to 1Gbps will transform what you do today, and what you can do in the future.

Here are some of the advantages you’ll experience if you make the switch to a full-fibre connection with Broadway.

Location, location, location

Unlike the creaky copper network of yesteryear, our ‘ultrafast full-fibre’ connection means everyone can receive the same great speeds – no matter where you live or work. You’ll no longer have to settle for average, or sometimes downright poor broadband, and instead can enjoy speeds up to 10x faster and with around 70-80% fewer faults than seen with copper cabling.

Have it your way

Now you can choose a broadband package that fits you like a glove – fast – ultrafast – digital telephone – Mesh WiFi – in fact just about anything that digital connectivity can throw your way. With tailored packages, you can ensure you only pay for what you need and get the type of service that perfectly matches your needs.

Household harmony

Multiple devices and multiple users, all online at the same time, all fighting for connection. Sound like a common issue in your household? It’s likely your WiFi has probably never been stretched so far! Fortunately, our full-fibre network offers all the capacity you’ll ever need to restore peace and harmony to the home.

More, more, more!

Right now, TV and film streaming, gaming, banking, video calling – even your phone services – are all dependent on premium connectivity. Broadway delivers broadband that can handle more, a lot more. You’ll be able to experience exceptional streaming so can consider services such as Netflix as well as 4K and 8K which perhaps were previously denied to you because of your snail-paced broadband.

Investment for now and the future

Ultrafast-fibre, rock-solid broadband is essential for business, especially with a more recent flexible shift towards people working from home. Full-fibre gives you better access to additional features such as improved video conferencing/VoIP services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype. What you probably don’t realise is that the addition of full-fibre capability will also add value to your home. It’s a future investment for your property that just happens to benefit you right now!

Ditch the deadzones

Ultrafast full-fibre broadband is one thing, but making sure it hits the whole of your home is another. You may frequently be experiencing WiFi deadzones that drive you nuts and limit your broadband use only to certain rooms in your home. Our clever Mesh system will revive your wheezy WiFi, reaching those tricky deadzones and boosting your devices, no matter what the size of your home.

The use of full-fibre also has many environmental benefits which are often overlooked when it comes to considering the advantages of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Fibre to the Home (FTTH) as full-fibre is sometimes known. Full-fibre connections have a far smaller impact on the environment and potential for energy savings for years to come. Here’s how full-fibre can be beneficial to the environment as well as your pocket…

Save on energy and running costs

An often overlooked positive is the lower energy use with full fibre. When compared to typical copper technology, full-fibre halves the energy consumption of hardware. At a time when households and businesses are worried about escalating energy bills, this is a welcome bonus.

Reduced energy use by ISPs

Your internet service provider needs to use power to run the network and provide broadband to multiple premises. Copper-based networks are power-hungry whereas full-fibre needs fewer active network elements, and therefore less power, to supply connectivity. This reduces the energy required for ISPs to deliver fibre all the way to your home.

Manufacturing enviro benefits

The manufacturing of copper has a much more negative impact on the environment, largely due to the sulphur dioxide used in the copper mining process. Fibre cables are made from sand and need far fewer chemicals to extract and manufacture.

Energy saving strategies

Full fibre is also making it easier for households and businesses to use a range of IoT devices that transform how we interact with our homes. This makes it easier to automate energy-saving strategies, such as using smart thermometers, which could have a massive impact on carbon footprints.

Why it’s time to make the switch to full-fibre now

With the big switch off for copper broadband looming, broadband customers can look forward to greater access to full-fibre alternatives providing ultrafast connectivity. The big changes, including the ‘stop sell’ of copper services in a growing number of regions, is being extended all the time, leading to services like ASDL broadband no longer being available and fibre broadband becoming the norm, provided by ISPs like Broadway Broadband.

What is ‘the copper broadband switch off’?

Copper phone lines that have formed the foundation of telecommunications throughout the UK for decades, are now being disconnected. Internet users (both homes and businesses) will no longer have their service provided through copper cables but instead will see them replaced by a full-fibre alternative.

The target is for all copper services delivering network connections to be switched off by 2025. Many copper services have already been withdrawn in some areas, with ‘stop sells’ in place, meaning that copper products and services can no longer be bought. These stop sells occur once 75% of homes and businesses at a particular exchange are connected to fibre – driving the move towards fibre connections which provide faster, better quality broadband.

Stop sells don’t just apply to new services, but also to modifications, so a fibre service may be your only available option if there is a stop sell in your location. This doesn’t mean that your existing services will suddenly stop working. If you are using a product that is no longer available for sale, you will be able to continue to use it until the withdrawal date.

Be ready for anything – get future-proofed broadband

While it will soon be the end of the line for copper connections, there are, as we have outlined above, many advantages for those who switch to full-fibre broadband. With the process of the copper switch-off already well underway, and many regions already switched to next-generation technologies, it’s time to get yourself future-proofed for the digital age.

Fibre is rolling out at lightning speeds, and with the final copper switch-off date set for December 2025, there’s no better time to embrace full fibre than now. Contact Broadway today to see if you can make the switch to full-fibre.

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