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Time to ditch the dead spots and enjoy the strongest signal no matter where you are in your home via Whole Home Wi-fi

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Say hello to Mesh, and bye-bye to wifi deadzones

No hocus-pocus here, just very clever technology.

Our modern way of life means our devices are connected all the time, all around our homes. Whole Home Wi-Fi expands the coverage by adding extra routers. It also uses artificial intelligence to detect common issues and work around them to keep your devices connected, at the best speed possible.

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So, your shiny new Mesh-enabled router will already be plugged in.

We’ll send you your first additional Mesh ‘Beacons’
to get you started. By Beacon we don't mean dirty great flashing motorway cone, no, it's a discreet bit of tech that helps create your spread of Wi-Fi loveliness throughout the house. One Beacon usually does the trick

Try and place the Beacons halfway from the router to where you need most welly to your WiFi, and avoid placing in a corner of a room if you can, it's not that they don’t like spiders, it’s more of a signal thing.

Switch on, the router and Mesh beacons all say a quick hello and that's it, folks, job jobbed!

Your WiFi-enabled devices will connect to the ‘Beacon’ which is delivering the best connection speed, and manage the bandwidth so that light usage devices (e.g. smartypants light bulbs and sneaky peak doorbells) get what they need, and heavy data devices (e.g. gaming consoles and PCs) get what they need.

Plug and play has never been more literal – AND if your Wi-Fi is still not reaching the rest of the home or business then get in touch and we’ll send you a 2nd router (at no extra cost). It’s the same setup, the clever little mobile app does the work for you (link to apple/google store).

Mesh, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

mesh nomesh

So what can it do for me?

A lot, as it happens – in fact it’s a network coverage revolution!


Nope, not a flat spot in the whole house, the whole thing is seamless and smoother than a freshly buttered bannister


Peace of mind where it really counts, so when you say 'bedtime' it really is, no more late-night neaky under the duvet Battle Royales.


Plug and play just got even less plug, and even less play. Intelligent software takes the strain and lets you concentrate on the business of enjoying your boundless connectivity. Once you have connected your first Beacon that should do the trick, but if not, get in touch and we’ll send you a 2nd one at no additional cost.


If one of the Wifi beacons feels a bit under the weather, the system will re-route the connection whilst the poorly beacon gets a grip and steps up to the task in hand. If it really has got beacon-flu, it'll send a message to your app requesting a spot of TLC.


In the attic, down in the basement studio? even in the bath (...really?) the mesh solution will ensure you are always getting the very best of Wifi signals, switching from beacon to beacon is seamless. So, if you are one of those roamings types you can set off on a round-the-home hike and it won't care.


Like a Jedi using the force, there's nothing you and your trusty smart phone based app can't control - access times, diagnostics, content filtering...it's a revolution. Swipe left, swipe right...the entire household is at your fingertips, man went to the moon with less intelligent software. Genius.

Be in total control

with the simple to use app, manage everything from the comfort of your phone.


Mesh Wi-Fi (sometimes known as ‘Whole Home Wi-Fi’ is the latest in home Wi-Fi networking which expands coverage around your home using pods which repeat your Wi-Fi signal. It’s different to traditional Wi-Fi Extenders which simply create a new Wi-Fi network. It keeps the same network all over the home and means you don’t have to switch to other networks as you move around the home.

They all connect to each other and distribute your Wi-Fi signal around your home providing best in class coverage without the need to switch between networks (like traditional Wi-Fi extenders or powerline adapters).

Yes, they are plug & play and most can be managed using an mobile app or by visiting a website. Once setup they usually don’t require any further configuration and manage themselves with your broadband router.

One Nokia WiFi 6 Router (Beacon) is provided when we set up your Ultrafast fibre broadband. This router is the primary router, up to two additional Beacon routers can be added at extra cost.

Subject to correct placement within the size and structure of your home, the Whole Home WiFi solution guarantees at least 5Mbps in each room of your home.

If after you have connected the 1st additional Beacon and your Wi-Fi has not improved we will send you a 2nd additional Nokia Beacon.

Like every internet service provider, we can guarantee the speed to the router, but we cannot guarantee the same speed for Wi-Fi through the home or business.

If after we have connected our Whole Home solution with 2 additional Beacon routers and you are still unable to receive a minimum 5Mbps in each room, and we cannot resolve the wifi, you have a right to return the Beacons without charge or penalty.

To benefit from WiFi 6e, you must have WiFi 6e capable devices connected.

Routers distribute a Wi-Fi signal from them but they can only reach so far before the signal fades. This is prominent in larger properties, or those with materials such as stone or metal that hamper the signal distance. They are commonly found in modern homes across the world and as now considered a must have by many to take full advantage of faster broadband connections.

Yes, we deliver next generation technology to your home giving you very fast, capable broadband connections. But to ensure your Wi-Fi signal reaches all around your home you can use Mesh Wi-Fi to extend the signal fully and reliably around the home.


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