Tempest Building, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2DT

Who are we?

We’re Broadway Broadband, a specialist provider in hard to connect rural areas where we already have many satisfied customers across the UK. We are dedicated to ensuring that everybody can now access the broadband they need by delivering great quality, superfast broadband to homes and businesses - even in hard to reach areas.

What we do?

Simply put, we use our hybrid technology to connect customers who are currently experiencing slow broadband – or in some areas no broadband at all. BT Openreach has invested billions of pounds extending the reach of its fibre network to neighbourhood cabinets – which is great for people living close to those cabinets, but not so great for those more than a mile or two away. That’s where we come in – building on the back of BT’s investment, and extending the reach of its fabulous fibre through our unique hybrid radio technology, to reach even the most out-of-the-way places.


How do we do it?

By using both 5GHz radio (a well established, relatively inexpensive and fast, but limited to connections that have clear line-of-sight) and TV WhiteSpace radio (very new, pretty expensive, but able to steer a path through trees and buildings and around hills), we get the best of both worlds – at a cost that’s still affordable. As it is a new technology, we are working closely with the TVWS manufacturers and developers, as well as with leading academic institutions such as Strathclyde University and King’s College London, to help get the most out of it.  Our recent trials have delivered comfortably over 50Mbps speeds – and manufacturers are confidently predicting 100Mbps before long.

What’s our vision?

There’s something magic about 100%. Not 80%. Not 95%. Not even 99%.  It has to be 100% and that’s why our aim is to make great and affordable broadband available to everyone in the areas where we operate. With 100% of a community able to receive the same kind of broadband as is enjoyed in metropolitan areas, great things happen. Our customers tell us that their Broadway Broadband service has transformed their lives and their businesses, allowing them to enjoy services such as iPlayer, Netflix and Skype, to post videos to YouTube, to keep up with social media, to do homework, to keep in constant contact with customers and suppliers – in short, to do all those things that most people take for granted.