When & how do I claim a voucher?

In most cases we’ll submit a request a voucher on your behalf, and you will only need to confirm you would like to request a voucher for free installation. Then once you are connected you’ll be asked to confirm you are connected, upon which your voucher will be released to us to complete the funding and your free installation. So there’s only 2 steps; 

  1. Before your connected, request a voucher to allow you free installation.
  2. Once you are connected, verify your connection is live.

You’ll get an email and/or text message from Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme confirm these two steps.
It’s important these are completed quickly as they will expire.

Please note the Welsh ABC scheme is a customer led application, and you submit it directly to their team, but we’ll give you guidance on this if this funding is required (most rural properties are covered by better, automated schemes usually). 

To learn more about vouchers and their schemes, see ‘About UK Voucher Schemes‘.

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