What technology do you use?

We install fibre optic cable all the way into your home, known as Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP). This is the latest generation in broadband technology and will set up your home for the future as this technology expands and internet usage increases over time. 

We’ll bring a fibre optic cable from the nearest connection point (a telegraph pole or underground pipeline usually) over to the outside of your property. We’ll drill a small hole for the cable to pass into your property and install some small boxes to keep the cable safe and secure.  

Inside your home we’ll install a modem on the inside wall or skirting board and a broadband router for your wired or Wi-Fi devices to connect too (such as your mobile phones, TV’s, digital phone etc).  

You can find our more about how our broadband technology works on our broadband product page.

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