What package do I need?

A 100Mbps broadband connection will support most things you’d like to do online. This includes browsing the web, making video calls, listening to music and watching video online on multiple devices at the same time. A download speed of 100Mbps also allows you to stream ultra-HD video on 4 devices at the same time or download a HD movie in 5 minutes.

For medium to heavy residential internet users, using more than 5 devices, a 300Mbps internet plan would be the ideal option.

At 1000 Mbps, multiple users can access 4K content, download high-resolution movie files, and so much more at the same time. This makes it perfect for large families as well as businesses and offices requiring fast internet access around the clock.

At technology is changing all the time, the introduction of smart homes and ‘internet of things’ becomes larger, increased bandwidth will be needed as homes increase the number of devices they have. This includes devices such as smart lights and switches, smart thermostats and hubs, as well as emerging items such as smart kitchen appliances, baby monitors, security and more. 

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