What happens after I register?

If your already in an area we are already building
When you’re in an area we are currently building our network, we’ll keep you updated as we reach each major milestone of the build (which can find below). Some of these milestones can take months to reach, so we won’t be in contact regularly.

If you’re in an area we are considering for the future
If you are in an area we are considering for a future network, we usually ask you to spread the word to your friends, family and neighbours. In order to build a new network, we need to demonstrate there is demand for our services in the area. This is one of the key factors involved in successfully getting funding for you all for free installation.

If you’re in an area not currently in our plans
We’ll keep your details on file and this helps build a picture nationwide of where people want us to come. This helps build a wider plan of where we may choose for future networks to be built. This could be an area that is totally new for us to bring our service, or we may be expanding our network from a neighbouring village, town or county.

If you’re in an area we’ve already built
You can place an order as normal, enter your postcode on our postcode checker and follow the instructions.  

Check Availability & Coverage
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