What equipment is installed?

Depending on the technology we use, we’ll install some equipment & cabling onto the outside and inside of your property. We use a range of high quality equipment from reputable manufacturers such as Adtran, MikroTik & Ubiquiti. 

Fibre Installations 

Bringing full fibre to your property means we need to bring a fibre optic connection directly to the inside of home (no more copper cables needed). We’ll bring the fibre cable to the outside of your property and drill a small hole in the wall for the cable to enter. We will then installed a small box to connect the fibre inside your home, which then converts the signal from optical to electrical and connects to your router.  

Wireless Installations 

Some of our installations use wireless radio technology to get a broadband connection in deep rural or geographically difficult areas. This involves installing a small radio on the outside of your property, usually as high as possible to get a signal from a local mast. We then feed a cable through your wall to the inside of your property which then connects to your router and electrical socket. 

We then connect your cables to a broadband router suited for your connection type and look and act similar to those already in use on standard copper connects.  

Learn more about our Broadband technology on our Broadband product page.

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