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With our service you are potentially saving hundreds of pounds per year as you no longer need to pay for a line rental and call package from another supplier. 

Also, if you have a mobile phone package, this usually comes with thousands of ‘free’ or unlimited minutes as part of your mobile contract, so combine this with your VOIP phone package, the savings can be even greater. 

  • You can keep the same number, or request a new one 
  • You can make and receive calls the same way 
  • The calls are crystal clear 
  • No landline is needed, (you are already paying for the broadband service) 
  • Your internet and phone are billed from one supplier 
  • Very competitive call packages 
  • Your mobile phone can act as another handset (both inside and outside of the home) 
  • Additional handsets can be added at any time.

As it’s using today’s technology it also offers additional great features:

  • Anonymous call block giving you the chance to shut out calls from numbers that are withheld.
  • Caller ID which allows you to see who is calling before you pick up the phone.
  • Call diversion is the ability to send incoming calls to other UK phone numbers including your mobile phone
  • Call waiting, the chance to take an incoming call while you’re still busy with another phone call.
  • Do not disturb and have your calls instantly forwarded to your voicemail without ringing at your end.
  • Ring back which allows you to continually call a busy line until you get through.
  • Three-way calling to expand your calls to more than one person.
  • You can use your mobile to make and receive VoIP calls
  • Calls from your landline outside of the home are possible if the phone is connected to a WiFi network

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