Switching telephone service

If you wish to bring your existing telephone number to Broadway, we make this as easy as possible. Most major telephone service providers allow numbers to be transferred (this is called number porting).  

When you place an order, we’ll ask if you want to bring an existing number and give you instructions on how to do this (we need permission from you to transfer the number to our services).  

You simply supply us some information about your current provider and sign the digital form, and we’ll submit this for approval with your provider. This process takes anywhere from 3 days to 27 days to complete depending on the provider and type of number, with most requests completing on average within 14 days. 

A charge applies for number porting for successful and failed transfers, please refer to our terms & conditions for latest information. 

Can you cancel my old providers service? 

We are not able to do this, you remain responsible for your old provider and there is no automatic switching process for UK landline numbers. 

Will I be charged any cancellation fee by my old provider? 

Not usually, if you are no longer in your initial contract term. Check with them for further information as some rare cases, providers may charge for releasing a telephone number. 

When should I cancel my old providers service? 

You must not cancel your existing service during the transfer process, it is required the service remains active during the transfer. Once the transfer has taken place and we control the number, your free to cancel your old service if you wish. 

Will I lose my telephone service during the transfer? 

Typically no, you will not. For a period of around 30 seconds it may be lost as the number moves between providers, but that is all in most cases. If you have any issue with making or receiving calls after the transfer, please check the handset(s) or adapters are correctly plugged in and setup. See our quick guides and help articles for more information. 

Will it affect any services connected to my telephone number? 

Yes, any services such as broadband, alarm monitoring, RedCare, Telecare or similar systems will be disconnected during the transfer and cannot be automatically switched. Please check with your provider if you need any assistance with these services.

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