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speed up

New research from Ofcom shows that, on average, download speeds across the UK increased by a quarter in 2020.

The Office of Communications, which regulates the UK’s communications industry, produced a handy interactive guide, which shows how data usage compares across different areas, and even different types of connection!

The main takeaways from the report point to an average download speed increase of 25% on 2019 figures, increasing to 80.2Mbit/s as the availability, and uptake of faster broadband spreads across the country. The average upload speed increased by up to 54% as consumers realise the importance of upload speed for activities like gaming, video calling, or even sending larger files for home-schooling or working from home.

Unsurprisingly, rural communities receive lower speeds overall than urban areas – but the good news is that this gap is narrowing – driven in part by the rise in Alternative Network (altnet) providers, like us!

The Ofcom report on home broadband will be published later this year, and we look forward to reading more.

In the meantime, why not see what speeds you’re getting now, and see how much we can improve your internet experience!

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