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Arran Broadband really care that rural isolation should not mean substandard internet service. Before switching provider, I struggled to perform even the most basic digital tasks such as opening emails, accessing links and browsing websites. Now I have access to this wonderful technology – with its discreet installation – it’s revolutionised the way I run my business. Work aside, it’s removed the isolation barrier and I now stream live movies, FaceTime my son in America and keep my pets fed too. I rely on the internet for so many things and without this connection, I would be unable to exist in this rural backwater. Hoorah for Broadway.”

Shona Redmayne, Shiskine, Isle of Arran


Arran Broadband, powered by Broadway, covers Machrie, Blackwaterfoot, Torbeg, Shiskine, Kilpatrick,  Corriecravie, Sliddery, Lagg, Kilmory and Kildonan - and we are now live in Lamlash and Whiting Bay too!

We built our first network in Arran, back in 2016, and we’ve been making our way around the island ever since. We have had such good feedback from the first people to be connected, that we are working on plans to extend coverage anti-clockwise around the island.  Let us know if you are interested in receiving service in another part of the island outside of the immediate coverage area – the more people register their interest, the quicker we will come!

We’re bringing fibre to Arran in 2021.

We’ll soon starting building our first fibre network on Arran, around Blackwaterfoot and Shiskine where residents can experience speeds of 100Mbps and beyond, with unlimited data – all from just £19.99 a month.  What’s more we’re offering FREE installation too – worth up to £3,500.

Are you looking to receive our amazing 50Mbps, or potentially 100Mbps, broadband service?

Click the button below to find out what broadband services are available in your area. From there you can place your order, or simply register your interest for a later date.

Why do we need better broadband?

The simple answer is that not everyone does need it – but if you do need it, you know why!

If you only use the Internet for the occasional email or modest surfing session, then the current very slow broadband may be just about adequate for your needs – and Arran Broadband is not very relevant to you…..just yet!

If however you feel directly the difficulties and frustrations of being on the wrong side of the digital tracks, then Arran Broadband is for you!

Why is Arran Broadband going to be significantly better than what we have now?

The fact is that some parts of the world are just too difficult for the local telephone company to get to, when it comes to pushing high-speed data down long, and usually very old copper telephone lines – and Machrie and a lot of the west coast of Arran is one of those places. 

While Brodick, Lamlash and other towns and villages are already enjoying some of the benefits of BT’s superfast upgrade programme, it is fairly obvious that large parts of Machrie, Blackwaterfoot and the southern part of the island, as well as individual ‘not spots’ scattered throughout the island, have little chance of seeing real improvement any time soon from BT’s upgrade programme – despite BT’s best efforts.

Arran Broadway’s approach is to apply some fresh thinking, and new technology, to the problem. Using a mixture of wireless technologies, Arran Broadband will deliver a range of broadband speeds, from 10Mbps to more than 50Mbps. More than enough to stream HDTV – Netflix, iPlayer or whatever – or to have the children and grandchildren to stay with all their tablets and smartphones, or to run your business.

Customer Reviews

Our customers tell us that our Broadway Broadband service has transformed their lives and their business, allowing them to enjoy services such iPlayer, Netflix and Skype, to post videos to YouTube, to keep up with Social Media, to do homework, to keep in constant contact with customers and suppliers – in short, to do those things that most people take for granted.