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While the pandemic, and repeated lockdowns, have forced a slower pace of life for the past eighteen months, the same can’t be said of broadband networks (and broadband speeds!) which have expanded rapidly, according to new Ofcom figures.

Around seven million homes and businesses across the UK can now take up full-fibre broadband packages, from a range of providers – meaning that approximately 24% of properties can connect to superfast speeds (an increase of 21% since the start of 2021!) This is being attributed, not only in the wider availability of these services, but also the increase in home-schooling, working from home, and increased leisure time spent streaming, gaming, and browsing online.

Although nearly 40% of UK homes are now able to access gigabit-capable broadband, the research shows that over 134,000 properties are still unable to even access a fraction of those speeds – especially those in rural communities across Wales and Scotland. However, help may be available for many under various government schemes to enable wider access (check if we can help you here).


Image Source: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/

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