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New research into consumer online behaviour has shown what we all knew – reviews matter!

In an age of online shopping, working, and homeschooling, customers have increasingly turned to the experience of others when it comes to making their own decisions about who to place their business, and trust, with.

Nearly all those surveyed (94%) said that online reviews affected their purchasing decisions – yet almost a third also admitted that they have never left a review themselves. Of those who did review, it was more likely to be in response to a negative, rather than a positive experience (and one-star, or poor reviews, were more likely to be read by prospective customers too!)

Chart, waterfall chart showing percentage of customer decisions impacted by online reviews


Customer support was cited as the most common reason for leaving a review, whether good or bad; but online customers are also becoming more savvy, checking for authenticity, “real reviews”, and at least a review average of four-stars before making a choice.

Here at Broadway we’re proud to have our 4.62 stars average on Reviews.co.uk – with hundreds of comments on our excellent customer support alongside our amazing, superfast broadband service which reaches some of the most rural communities in the country.

See what we can do for you today, and why not leave a review too?


Image Source: https://assets.reviews.io/img/all-global-assets/pdf/2021-state-of-reviews-io-us.pdf

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