Tempest Building, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2DT
Broadway Broadband

Cameron’s Shop & Post Office

Cameron’s shop and Post Office in Blackwaterfoot had asked BT to connect them to a fibre box just under 1 mile away. On the day Openreach inadvertently cut all phone lines to the post office and could not reverse the mistake until new instructions came through from their office. Natalie spent more time on a phone call to the far east trying to get this situation resolved then it took Broadway Arran to connect her. This was of […]

Sally Redmond - Case Study

Sally Redmond

Sally had Satellite broadband due to the remoteness of this cottage, but she struggled to even get dial up internet connection in fact with her copper phone line she struggled to be able to talk to her son in America. Once she had Broadway Broadband she could even have video phone calls with her son in America something she could never do with satellite broadband due to the latency caused by trying to send a radio signal into […]