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Get the broadband you need with Broadway

We like to keep things simple: simple, straightforward broadband service, with simple, straightforward and transparent prices.


Our standard 30Mbps packages

Our standard 30Mbps package is perfect for light users, with 1-2 devices, who use the internet for web surfing, keeping up to dates

with emails, catch up on social media and moderate video use.


These packages give an average 30Mbps download, an average upload of 5 Mbps and unlimited data allowance.


With the small business tariffs, a static IP address is included.


You may even qualify for a government subsidy which will cover the cost of a standard installation*

Our 100Mbps and beyond packages

Right now, you might be struggling with basic broadband needs, and wondering how you are going to get even a 30Mbps service.


Well now you can start thinking about what you might do with 100Mbps, 300Mbps and even 1,000Mbps speeds - thanks to our Gigabit Community plan.


We have expanded our technology toolkit to include higher frequency spectrum and also fibre-to-the-premise, allowing us to

launch our first ever gigabit capable network in Monmouthshire.


We will soon be upgrading the existing networks across our other locations, starting with Perth and Kinross, so watch this space!