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Nokia Beacon 2 – Whole Home Wi-fi


We use the latest digital technology that offers considerable cost savings compared to traditional copper line services (which are being retired over next few years). See our blog for the more advantages & disadvantages of VoIP. 

Digital telephone services are made using your broadband internet connection, you don’t need a dedicated telephone line or socket. A small box is connected to your broadband router instead. Learn more.

Please see our ‘Call Charges’ for information on making calls outside of your package.

Yes, we can provide you a digital handset, you can order more if needed. You also get free access to the mobile app so you can use your mobile phone as an extra handset at home or on the go!

In most cases yes, but you may need a small box from us which converts the signal from analogue to digital for your handset to work with our service. You won’t be able to access all the features of a digital telephone either.

Yes you can, we offer telephone number ‘porting’ – When we process your order we’ll give you instructions on how to fill in the form and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll tell you your scheduled transfer date and you can continue to use your old provider until the transfer takes place (which only takes around 1 minute).

No, digital telephone is delivered over your internet connection and it will not work if there is a power cut or your internet connection fails. You won’t be able to make calls to 999, emergency services or any other calls in these circumstances. You must ensure you have an alternative means of making a phone call in the event of an emergency. This could be a mobile phone or a traditional copper landline for example.


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