Rate and Review

  New research into consumer online behaviour has shown what we all knew – reviews matter! In an age of online shopping, working, and homeschooling,

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rolling On

Rolling On!

While the pandemic, and repeated lockdowns, have forced a slower pace of life for the past eighteen months, the same can’t be said of broadband

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caring community

Caring for communities

Recent research by communications regulator Ofcom has found a range of inconsistencies across broadband providers when it comes to customer service. Vulnerable people have been

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Full-Fibre Speed Ahead

The Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) have published a new report, which shows that over 2.5million properties can now connect to an Alternative Network (Alt-net),

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Fill up on Fibre!

Across the UK, more than 20% of homes can now access full-fibre broadband, according to data from Connected Nations and Ofcom. At the beginning of

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speed up

Speeding up!

New research from Ofcom shows that, on average, download speeds across the UK increased by a quarter in 2020. The Office of Communications, which regulates

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