Moving home

What happens if I move home?
This depends on the situation; but we’ve made it as easy as possible. Take a look at the most common scenarios below. 

I’m moving home to an area outside your network coverage area
When you are moving to an area outside of the Broadway network, you’ll need to end your current services with us. If you are in your initial contract term, you’ll need to pay an early termination charge to end your service agreement early (if your outside of your initial term there’s no charge). You’ll also need to return our equipment to us. We’ll organise this as part of your account closure.  

I’m moving home to an area inside your network coverage area (as an existing customer)
When you are moving to a new address where we have coverage, you can transfer your service to your new address. You just need to bring over any equipment that’s not attached to the wall (such as your router, power cables, ethernet cables etc). There’s a charge of £50 for setting up your services at your new property. 

I’m moving home to an area inside your network coverage area (as a new customer)
As you’ll be joining us as a new customer, you can place an order with us as normal. Just enter your details on our home page and follow the instructions.  


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