Full-Fibre Speed Ahead


The Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) have published a new report, which shows that over 2.5million properties can now connect to an Alternative Network (Alt-net), providing independent fibre broadband services.

Alt-nets are powering ahead across the country, representing over 110% growth on last years figures, and emphasising the important contribution that independent providers are making towards achieving the UK Government’s national gigabit broadband coverage target.


INCA Chart showing cumulative industry investments from Alt-Nets

The report was compiled for INCA by Point Topic, with the company CEO commenting that “Full fibre coverage from the independent sector is significant and accelerating… driven by a renewed consumer appreciation and desire for better downstream and upstream capacity and stability”

The full fibre acceleration is down to the hard work of ISPs, who have led the charge in lobbying for greater investment and access, enabling millions more rural communities to be connected to ultrafast fibre broadband – which is rapidly becoming an essential utility, rather than a luxury.

However the report acknowledges that there are significant barriers for alt-nets to achieve completion of complex infrastructure projects, and across the industry there are calls for more training, investment, and collaboration. Without this, there is a real risk that rural areas will, once again, be overlooked and left behind.

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