Five Fun Fibre Facts

fiber optic

We love fibre here at Broadway – and not just as part of a healthy breakfast! We’ve rounded up our top five reasons why you should be part of the Fibre Future…

Fibre is Fast: fibre optic cables are actually made up of dozens of thin reflective tubes, each thinner than a human hair – these bounce light signals around inside, carrying data to your device so you are literally surfing at the speed of light!
Broadband speeds are determined by how fast your data travels, and since fibre can transmit this information much quicker than traditional copper connections, this means faster streaming, no buffering, no loading-lag, and crystal clear images on screen.

Fibre is Friendly: fibre is amongst the greenest technology available: optical cables are made from silicon, which is one of the most common elements on earth. They use much less energy to create light signals than the sustained electric charge needed for other forms of wiring. Lower energy equals a lower carbon footprint – protecting the planet even as it opens up the world.

Fibre is Future-Proof: fibre optic cables don’t degrade as traditional wire cables do – they might use glass, but it’s certainly not fragile! Even the military use fibre cables in their communications networks, and while they’re not completely bullet-proof they are completely weather proof! This leads to reduced maintenance costs, which, in turn, means lower service costs, and over a much longer period of time.

Fibre is Fortified: worried about privacy? Optical signals are much harder to intercept than traditional electric transmission, meaning that your data is much more secure – as we said above, the military even use fibre cables in their communications networks, at the highest level of security!

Fibre is Fine: because optical fibre is so much thinner than traditional cabling, it can be installed in much tighter spaces than previous technology could access, meaning many more people can take advantage of the latest technology.

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