Community Broadband Projects

Work with Broadway Partners to bring lifechanging Ultrafast Fibre Broadband to your rural community – wherever that might be.

What is a Community Broadband Project?

A Community Broadband Project with Broadway will bring the opportunity of ultrafast fibre broadband to every property within a rural area, ranging from rural farms to the village shop.

Who are Broadway Partners?

Broadway brings ‘Ultrafast’ fibre connections (up to 1GB), to areas where the existing internet connectivity is poor, and where there are no plans to upgrade the old copper network (meaning your internet speeds will remain painfully slow and unreliable). We are demand led, which means we need to have as many homes and businesses supporting a project as possible.

The greatest chance of success is achieved when communities get together, friends and family are informed and are supported by a local project group, who are passionate about improving connectivity in your community.

However, without this support it’s much harder for us to get involved, it’s a ‘help us to help you’ kind of thing – like Huw & Mike here for example…

Huw,project group member for Llanfihangel Aberbythych in Carmarthenshire

Huw & Mike

Community Project Group members for Llanfihangel Aberbythych, Carmarthenshire

Mike: “Working with Broadway has been a pleasure, there has been a real keenness to help and support our community, no pressure selling, just straight forward team working backed by investment in our fibre infrastructure. This is a major benefit to a rural community that will enable the current and future generations to compete on the global stage, all delivered with no installation fees and below average monthly running costs! Rating:Excellent!”
Huw: “Working with Broadway has been open and honest. Always ready to answer questions clearly and directly with no trying to bluster.
“The relationship built with Broadway has meant being able to access registration data, so a map could be developed to show ‘Registrations of Interest’ (ROI) by post code in two areas in East Carmarthenshire.”

It works like this... from unreachable to ultrafast in six key steps...













Why work with Broadway to connect your Community?

Well there’s lots of good reasons why. We love a good stat but we understand, life’s short, you’ve got people to see and places to go – we’ll keep it brief

Working with

across rural

Great partnerships with the movers and shakers

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Reece Simmons

Wales Manager


Let’s kick things off by introducing Reece, our Wales Manager.

We like the personal touch here, so when you reach out, Reece knows about it and you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be in touch, he’s a real person and you won’t have to click on the squares that contain traffic lights to get to him.

Find out how Broadway can work with you to connect your community.