Data-Hungry: Openreach annual data summary

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We’re a hungry lot – in digital terms, that is! Data recently posted by Openreach shows that a record 5,474 PetaBytes was consumed across the UK in February 2021 alone!

To put that into a little bit of perspective: one PetaByte is equal to 1,000,000 GigaBytes… when you consider that the first generation of smartphones had storage of around 6GB, you can see how much we’ve progressed in such a short time.

The data is, obviously, affected by the upheavals in society over the past twelve months – with millions more people across the country working from home, homeschooling, and spending more time streaming, gaming, and downloading. With many of these changes looking set to continue, in some form, for the foreseeable future, access to data and high-quality broadband is more important than ever.

Data demand is on the rise, with usage usually increasing by around 30% each year. This year, Openreach have noted that “the increased demand of home working and home schooling due to the pandemic” has supercharged the upwards trend.

However, many rural areas are still afflicted with poor broadband speeds, with the average across the country a measly 17Mbps – we’re working to defy the expectation that “rural community” means “bad broadband”, by bringing our superfast fibre to some of the most remote locations across the UK; bridging the digital divide for hundreds of happy customers, and providing futureproof solutions for whatever comes your way.

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