Do you own a BT email address?

Looking to switch broadband but worried you’ll lose your email? Not to worry! Find out what options you have and how we can help guide you through the process.

If you have BT email and you cancel your broadband with them, you can:

  • Close your BT email and open up a free email account such as Gmail or Hotmail but would require you informing all your new contacts of your new address.
  • Keep your email but with more basic features by getting Basic email, which is free. This is just one BT email address. You won’t be able to create new ones, but any you already have will still work. Access is via only. You can’t use this email with an email client or on your device.
  • Keep your email with the same features by getting Premium email, which costs £7.50 a month
  • Keep your email with the same features, by linking it to a friend or family member’s BT Broadband, which is free
  • If you don’t make a choice yourself, they will transfer you to Basic email


Alternatively, you could set up a free Hotmail/Gmail account in advance to switch over. You can then inform all your contacts of the change prior to your BT email closing.