So, how do I get my free connection?

It’s as simple as 123. No, really it is, our mission is to make the whole experience a perfectly painless one.

1. Register your interest

After registering your interest, we will ask you to pledge your UK Gigabit Voucher to Broadway, allowing you to claim your free standard installation.

2. Place an order

We will then request your voucher from DCMS on your behalf. You will receive an email from them asking you to confirm that you are happy for Broadway to provide you with a connection and give us 12 months to do so.

3. We'll connect you

Then simply wait for us to connect you. Once you’re all up and running we let DCMS know, and they’ll send you another email to make sure you’re happy with the service.

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Here’s how it works

The current voucher scheme is UK Gigabit Vouchers (UKGV). Launched in April 2021, residents and businesses in rural areas with broadband speeds of less than 100Mbps can claim a voucher of £1,500 per home, and up to £3,500 per business, to support the cost of installing full fibre broadband to their community.

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Satisfaction guaranteed…

Yep, guaranteed because if you aren’t happy, then we don’t get paid!


We don’t get paid until we connect you, so we build the network, dig the trenches, lay the ducts (a pretty sizeable outlay), but it’s only when we successfully connect you that we get paid.


So once we get going we’re in it together, a step-by-step shared goal to get you fired up, connected and chatting, surfing, streaming…

…here at Broadway, we bring the ‘ing’

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If you are already in contract with your current broadband supplier, you can still register your interest with us, and we can still connect you. We can connect you before then too but you may need to pay your old provider an early termination charge to cancel your contract earlier, but we will help find the right solution to make this as painless as possible.

If you are voucher qualifying, the cost of installing into your home is paid for by The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Funds have been set aside to help rural communities get connected to next generation technology without passing the expensive build costs onto you. Register here

This is a type of funding issued by Government to help deliver Gigabit capable broadband into areas that would otherwise take years to reach. Vouchers are allocated to a property and these are ‘ringfenced’ for the network provider to use. When you are connected, you will be asked to release the voucher and the funds are sent to the network provider to help pay for the build. Learn more.

During the earlier stages of registration, we’ll ask you to enter information needed to request a voucher on your behalf. Once it’s issued it will be held and ringfenced ready for use once we connect your property. Once you’re connected we’ll ask you to confirm your connected and happy everything is ok and the voucher will be processed and your free installation completed. Learn more.

By claiming a voucher, and asking DCMS to ringfence it for our use, you are telling us you want us to connect your property with free installation. Whilst you are not contractually committed, there would be little use in claiming a voucher if you did not want us to connect your home or business. It is only once we confirm the connection date are you committed to having a gigabit capable service from ourselves.

If you don’t use a voucher to claim free installation, you’ll be charged for a standard installation at the current rate at the time of install (please see our terms & conditions for more information).

Well it’s both yes and no. After this has been ringfenced it has to be issued to us within 12 months. However if it does expire, we can ask for it to be re-issued.


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