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Rural broadband Wales

Broadway Broadband providing an excellent service to rural communities in Wales. Our rapidly expanding network helps hundreds of households enjoy the benefits of high speed internet services.

Broadband for rural communities in Wales

Rid yourself of the frustration of poor, intermittent, or even non-existent internet services, with reliable rural broadband in Wales. Broadway Broadband are expanding our network to bring high performance broadband to more and more new customers.

Transform your digital life and make full use of all the services that may have previously been denied to you. With our fibre broadband service using the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer no longer has to be the frustrating buffering zone that it once was.

The kids can catch up on their homework without moaning about the internet going down again, while you can catch up with your favourite TV programmes on demand, Youtube funnies or music videos, or even communicate with your friends on Facebook. Online shopping will never be more pleasurable, and even dealing with your finances online will become a breeze.

For many rural households, the opportunity to work from home has often been denied due to poor internet or a lack of a broadband connection. Now, with ultrafast fibre, many more people may have this choice opened up to them when previously it just hadn’t been an option. Never has this home working life been embraced with such relish than in current times.

For too long rural communities have been denied access to reliable rural broadband in Wales, but it doesn’t need to be like this. Broadway Broadband will change how you view and use online services, giving you the opportunity to utilise them to their full extent, that many other better connected households will have been taking for granted for many years. 

We are rapidly expanding our networks across a number of areas, including Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, and Powys. From initial pilot schemes in Monmouthshire back in 2017, we have been extending broadband provision across Wales, with our network broadening all the time.

From our Pembrokeshire pilot areas of New Moat, Ambleston, Dale, and Crymych, we are also extending our ultrafast broadband to include Herbrandston, Wiston, Slebech, Nevern, Angle, Tiers Cross, and Lawrenny and Marletwy.

In Powys our plans cover rural communities including Maesmynys, Llanwrthwl, Abergwesyn, Llanafan Fawr, and Llanfihangel, with more to follow.

Ultrafast broadband from Broadway is being extended across Powys. Our initial network build will cover rural communities including Maesmynys, Llanwrthwl, Abergwesyn, Llanafan Fawr, and Llanfihangel – with plans to extend this even further.

Ultrafast broadband from Broadway is also being rolled out across Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. Our initial network build will cover multiple rural communities, but we won’t stop there, with further expansion of the broadband network in this area planned

We are now in a position where we can deliver fibre networks in Wales, with speeds of 100Mbps and beyond, to households and businesses. With many more projects in the pipeline we’ll be reaching more areas than ever before, making high speed broadband a realistic option for rural communities.

With our full fibre network residents will be able to experience speeds of 100Mbps and beyond, with unlimited data – all from just £19.99 per month.  What’s more, we’re offering FREE installation too (if you qualify) – in some instances worth up to £7,000.

Even if you are unable to receive one of our fibre services, with speeds of 100Mbps and beyond, we may be able to connect you to our 50Mbps fixed-wireless service, which starts from £29.99 per month.

For the faster fibre packages (100Mbps and above), free standard installation is available during the planning and building of a network. For a fixed-wireless connection (50Mbps), free standard installation is available if eligible for government subsidy.

We are expanding our networks quickly. Use our handy postcode checker to see what broadband services are available in your local area. You can place your order, or simply register your interest for a later date. 

Even if we’re not there yet with broadband in your area, please register, and ask your friends and family to do so, as the more people who request us the quicker we’re likely to be there. Faster, more reliable broadband could be just around the corner for you!










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