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Broadband and internet for rural areas

At Broadway we are passionate about providing high quality broadband at affordable prices. We want to help reduce the digital divide between urban and rural communities because, for homes and businesses, good connection is essential for everyone and no one should have to miss out. We’re offering competition to the big providers that don’t always deliver what they promise to areas that are often more difficult to connect. As a local company we have three regional offices in Scotland, Wales, and England, but we are currently expanding these, particularly in Wales, as it reflects our network plans. We are ambitious but we get results in providing the best broadband for rural areas.

Where are we working?

We are always looking for new locations to expand our network into, so don’t worry if you don’t see your area in the ones listed, sign up your interest using the form and we’ll be coming to you soon. Currently our broadband networks are focussed in the following areas:

·        Arran

·        Perth and Kinross

·        Loch Ness

·        Monmouthshire

·        Ayrshire

·        Pembrokeshire

·        Powys (soon to be active)

·        Ceredigion (soon to be active)

·        Carmarthenshire (soon to be active)


How are we different to other providers?

We are a local company unlike some of the bigger internet providers, but we feel that is an advantage to our customers. Our customer service is of an extremely high standard as we offer a friendly, personal approach and make an effort to truly understand the issues facing the rural communities and people we meet and provide a service for. Broadband for rural areas is a vital community resource and it’s frustrating for those who are not getting the connection speed they need. However, don’t just take our word for it, you can see the number of satisfied customers we have helped since starting in Arran back in 2016 through our ‘excellent’ rated customer reviews. We have grown significantly and come a long way over the past few years, and we want to keep the momentum going and bring better internet to rural areas across the country, while still retaining the values and customer focus that has got us to where we are today.

Not only do we support the local economy, we work by recruiting in the area, using local contractors, and helping businesses like warehouses. We also work with charities both locally and nationally. Presently, we are proud to be supporting Llamau, a leading domestic abuse and homeless charity in South Wales who have a keen focus in rural areas as well. If we’re working in your area and you need some support please get in touch and we can find a way to help. It can be more difficult sometimes for people in rural communities who are struggling, but we hope by working with local organisations and charities like Llamau, we can make a difference.

Trusting your broadband service to a provider you don’t know is a big decision and you might have some initial doubts, which is perfectly understandable. However, we want to demonstrate to you that the quality of our work speaks for itself.

In 2018 we won an award for Technical Innovation at the INCA awards for our pioneering work with TV WhiteSpace, as we managed to reach places that were previously impossible to reach. Also, in 2019 we captured the ‘Most Viable 5G Use Case’ award at the 5G Realised event, for delivering Gigabit-capable service in the deepest parts of rural Wales, using 60GHz mesh technology.

We are OFCOM and Openreach accredited, meaning that we have exactly the same technical skills and power as any of the main network providers.

Our team are forward thinkers who strive to always find a way to get the best broadband for rural areas no matter how tricky that may be. We are very lucky to be able to work with the best in the industry and will continue with our mission for many years to come.

Can you still have broadband installed during the coronavirus pandemic?

In short yes, because we don’t need to enter your property to install. We can pass a router (that will have been cleaned with sterile wipes) through the window or door and you can connect this to the wire we have passed through from outside. Instead of that you could sit in a different room whilst the internal work is completed, as it is very straightforward and won’t take long. We will complete our installationin a way with which you feel most comfortable and safe. With so much time being spent at home, having the best internet for rural areas is more important now than ever. Whether you are wanting to video call with friends and family or to get all your work done from home, we will ensure you are connected as quickly and efficiently as possible.