BBC: Dead TV Signals Offer Broadband Hope In Rural Scotland

rural broadband signal

Part of the wireless spectrum freed up after the digital TV switchover is being used to provide broadband services in rural Scotland.

The first to benefit from “white space” internet will be residents on the Isle of Arran, who have struggled with poor broadband speeds.

Domain name firm Nominet is partnering with telecoms firm Broadway Partners to roll it out.
They claim it is the first commercial service using the technology in Europe.

The service will be available in two packages, one offering speeds of up to 25Mbps (megabits per second) and one offering 35Mbps.

There have been several trials of white space technology (TVWS) in the UK. BT ran some on the Isle of Bute and are currently running a small one in Sutton, Suffolk.

The technology has been used at London Zoo to broadcast footage of meerkats and has also been considered as a way of providing broadband at sea.

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