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Arran, get ready for Gigabit capable ultrafast broadband from just £19.99


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Unlimited Data

12 Month Contract

Free standard installation*
and free router

90Mbps average
download speeds

27Mbps average
upload speeds

Multiple devices,
streaming HD, large




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Unlimited Data

12 Month Contract

Free standard installation*
and free router

270Mbps average
download speeds

100Mbps average
upload speeds

Heavy use on multiple
devices, 4K streaming
and multiplayer gaming




pricing iconsa


Unlimited Data

12 Month Contract

Free standard installation*
and free router

1000Mbps average
download speeds

330Mbps average
upload speeds

EPIC levels of usage on
everything – breathtaking



(and no cheeky mid-term price hikes – pinky promise)

Shona Redmayne

Shona Redmayne
Isle of arran

“Arran Broadband really care that rural isolation should not mean substandard internet service. Before switching provider, I struggled to perform even the most basic digital tasks such as opening emails, accessing links and browsing websites. Now I have access to this wonderful technology – with its discreet installation – it’s revolutionised the way I run my business. Work aside, it’s removed the isolation barrier and I now stream live movies, FaceTime my son in America and keep my pets fed too. I rely on the internet for so many things and without this connection, I would be unable to exist in this rural backwater. Hoorah for Broadway.”

Whoever, wherever –
we connect

Since 2016 we’ve been challenging the network monopolies, delivering rock solid connection and driving down cost.


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Relax – you’re in safe hands

Technology, track record & trust – Broadway is well regarded within
the industry, known for its pioneering and innovative work in delivering
broadband to rural communities – and that means happy customers…

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“Download speeds previously thought as wishful daydreams. Cannot praise them enough. Poles and wires are for the birds.”
Michael Rolls
“Broadway went above and beyond to get the installation done, so much better than the woeful 1MB offering from BT!”
Shaun Bray
“Very pleased with my Broadway installation the speed and lower billing charge in comparison with Sky!”
Jenifer Hawkins
“I was concerned working from home in a very rural setting, Broadway came up trumps, 5 stars!”
Diane Morgan
“A gamechanger for those of us in rural areas who have struggled for so long with poor bandwidth and download speeds! Definitely recommend!”
Caroline Evans
“I now have 50Mb download & a consistent 20Mb upload speed (improved from 15Mb download & 0.75Mb with BT). Massive difference!”
Tracey Smith
“Quick, efficient, and to a high standard. The service is significantly better than we had previously, and at half the cost.”
Gareth Coombes
“Now, thanks to Broadway Partners and the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, I have a fast and reliable service at last.”
Peter Jones
“I feel safe in the knowledge that I have chosen the right company and am happy to recommend them to my neighbours and friends. 10 out of 10!”
Beverley Wade
“For almost two years we did not join the rest of the hamlet with Broadway Partners. A major mistake. Move to Broadway without delay. The stress levels will drop immediately.”
Andrew Flinn
“Broadway have brought us into the 21st Century. The broadband we now receive is infinitely better and faster. Can’t thank them enough.”
Gareth Pike

Broadband and internet for rural areas

At Broadway, we are passionate about providing high-quality broadband at affordable prices

We want to help reduce the digital divide between urban and rural communities because, for homes and businesses, a good connection is essential for everyone and no one should have to miss out. 

We’re offering competition to the big providers that don’t always deliver what they promise to areas that are often more difficult to connect. As a local company, we have two regional offices in Wales and England but we are currently expanding these, particularly in Wales, as it reflects our network plans. 

We are ambitious but we get results by providing the best rural broadband.

Stuck in contract, like a hamster on a wheel?

Want to switch but worried about cost?

Well it’s time to hop off, join our
family and register today!

It’s free with no obligation, we’ll give progress updates, and you’ll get proper ‘tinterweb!

Rural Broadband FAQs

The best broadband for rual areas depends on what you can get where you live but generally if you can get a fibre broadband connection that will suit your needs like we offer at Broadway, that should be your first choice. If you can’t get fibre broadband then some form of 4G or 5G mobile broadband could be a good alternative option.

If you have had a previous bad experience using one type of service, that may not necessarily mean that same service provided by Broadway won’t work for you in future. You may just need a better provider who will ensure your connection is sufficient when they install it. With the right rural broadband provider such as Broadway, you can find the best solution for you quickly and easily and give you peace of mind that you are well connected for the long term. 

If you are struggling with poor rural internet with one type of connection, you can explore different options with Broadway. Also, it could be that your current provider isn’t providing you with the service they promised, so switching to a better rural internet provider like us could make a difference to the quality of your broadband. Read more about our whole home Wi-Fi.

Ofcom’s most recent Connected Nations report published in December 2020 revealed that 96% of the UK has access to superfast broadband. Therefore, for many households, even those in rural areas, the first place to turn for speeds of 30Mb+ is a provider who can offer superfast broadband in your community. For the 4% who don’t have access to superfast speeds however, the options can become more complicated but getting a reasonable broadband connection for those locations can still be achieved.

We have projects across South Wales, Mid-Wales and select areas of Scotland such as Isle of Arran, Kinross and more. We’re actively adding new areas all the time so check our availability and let us know you’re interested if we can’t connect you yet. See Locations

There are five main options for getting rural broadband in the countryside but not all are available in all areas or offered by us.

  • Fibre broadband – broadband that is delivered by fibre optic cables and is typically the fastest option if it is suitable for your location.
  • Standard ADSL broadband – broadband delivered over copper phone wires and has the most widespread availability.
  • Mobile broadband – broadband that runs on the 4G mobile data network and is accessed either via a wireless router, a dongle, or a SIM card inserted into a tablet or laptop directly.
  • Fixed wireless broadband – a broadband service installed in a village or community and is delivered wirelessly to homes by a mast and receiver.
  • Satellite broadband – broadband supplied via the installation of a satellite dish on your home (not offered by Broadway).

We plan, build and operate all our own network. Because of this we have full control over where we build and work closely with local Governments to bring whole communities together, allowing a cost effective solution to be implemented for all in the area. We bring ‘full fibre’ directly into your home bringing next generation technology for the next decade and more. See Broadband

As well as next generation broadband, we offer a next generation telephone service for £9.99 per month (with no line rental). We can also offer symmetric speeds (same download and upload speed) for performance gaming, content creators and other intensive uploaders. We’re always looking for additional services to help you get the most of your broadband in the future too. See Telephony

Go to the top of the page and enter your postcode to check your availability. If we are not coming to your area yet, give us some details to let us know you’re interested. We are demand led so please register your interest and we’ll put you in our plans. Register here


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