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If it were easy to deliver great quality broadband to 100% of the population, it would have happened already! It isn’t easy but it’s not impossible and it requires a particular mix of the most appropriate technology, a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and a team that is passionate about what it does.

Welcome to Broadway Broadband the specialist provider that is dedicated to ensuring that everybody can now access the broadband they need by delivering  fast and efficient broadband of up to 30Mbps to homes and businesses even in hard to reach areas.

Our hybrid technology cleverly combines state of the art 5GHz radio and TV Whitespace technology which, enables us to connect customers who are currently experiencing slow broadband or, in some areas, no broadband at all.

And if you currently suffer from low broadband speeds, you could be eligible to apply for a subsidy from the Government to cover the cost of installation.

Our customers tell us that our Broadway Broadband service has transformed their lives and their businesses, allowing them to enjoy services such as iPlayer, Netflix and Skype, to post videos to YouTube, to keep up with social media, to do homework, to keep in constant contact with customers and suppliers – in short, to do all those things that most people take for granted.

We are currently operating in the following geographies: MonmouthshireLoch LevenArran, Loch Ness and more recently East Ayrshire

So don’t put up with slow broadband speeds, contact us and get connected.


*Free standard installation if you qualify for government subsidy. A survey will be carried prior to installation and if a property requires further hardware or labour for connection then an additional fee for installation may be required.

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