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Welcome to Broadway

With the Government actively encouraging ‘social distancing’ as a measure to combat the spread of Covid-19, it’s never been so important that we all stay connected.

Whilst restraints on physical interactions are being placed across the country, being online ensures that we can continue to connect with the outside world, allowing grandparents to stay in touch with their loved ones, employees to work remotely from home and children to continue their studies during these uncertain times.

At Broadway we’re committed to bringing you the fastest and most reliable broadband service today and in the future. If that’s wireless today and fibre tomorrow, we will ensure you get best service available. And as a company we want to do our best to get people within your community up and running at the lowest possible cost.

That’s why we have removed our installation charges for all new connections, saving £240, plus everyone will receive three FREE months’ broadband when they join!

If you would like to know more about our safeguarding measures then click here to read our Covid-19 update.

If it were easy to deliver great quality broadband to 100% of the population, it would have happened already!  

It isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. It just requires a particular mix of the most appropriate technology, a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and a team that is passionate about what it does.

We’re Broadway, and we specialise in connecting rural communities to the outside world, even in the most geographically challenging areas.

Speeds of 50Mbps.....and beyond!

Fast broadband is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Fact is, we need fast broadband more than ever before. And what’s good enough now simply won’t be for much longer.

With our 50Mbps service as standard, downloads complete more quickly, webpages load faster, streaming of music or videos begins more rapidly and any video calls or online games played should display smoothly – even when multiple devices are simultaneously in use. 

If you are tired of snail-like speeds, isn’t it time you switched to Broadway?

Customer Reviews

Our customers tell us that our Broadway Broadband service has transformed their lives and their business, allowing them to enjoy services such iPlayer, Netflix and Skype, to post videos to YouTube, to keep up with Social Media, to do homework, to keep in constant contact with customers and suppliers – in short, to do those things that most people take for granted. 

Rural Area Specialists

We are currently operating in the following areas; Monmouthshire, Perth and Kinross, Arran, Loch Ness and more recently East Ayshire. To see whether we can connect you, click the button below

Leading-Edge Technology

Our award-winning hybrid technology cleverly combines state of the art Wireless and Full Fibre technologies to connect customers who are experiencing slow, or in some cases no broadband at all, to the best broadband available

Government Subsidies Available

If you currently suffer from slow speeds, you may be eligible for a government subsidy to cover the cost of installation. One of our friendly team will walk you through the process when you place an order 

Still In

Complete the online form by clicking the button below, choosing the ‘Register Interest’ option and advise us when your contract ends. We’ll be in touch to discuss the options available to get you connected

Residential Broadband

Our residential packages are perfect for light, medium or heavy users, whether for everyday online basics such as web surfing and keeping up to date with emails, or in homes with multiple devices and multiple users, whether gaming or streaming video.

Small Business Broadband

Do you run a small business from home? If your online activity involves uploading large or high-resolution files, running multiple online programs or sites at once and using VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) like Skype to communicate with clients, then one of our Small Business broadband packages is for you, all of which come with a static IP address

*Free standard installation if qualify for a government subsidy. The cost of standard installation is otherwise £240. A survey will be carried prior to installation and if a property requires further hardware or labour for connection then an additional fee for installation may be required. For full terms and conditions of your service, please click here.