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Market Town and Rural Internet Providers

Welcome to truly great broadband from Broadway

We have been building high-speed broadband networks since 2016. Our teams have the same technical skills and powers as any of the networks providers, so whether it’s using existing telegraph poles, ducts, council property or doing it all ourselves – in short we deliver the best solution to get the fastest possible connectivity delivered to your door.

Simple, flexible broadband packages to suit every user.

Ultrafast 100

Ultrafast fibre CONNECTION


Ultrafast+ 300



Gigafast 1000



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suit your needs

Faster Speeds
Symmetric Speeds
Static IP address

Whether its streaming, surfing, gaming, homeworking, schooling, we bring the ‘ing’!


We use today’s technologies to deliver futureproof broadband solutions. Wherever possible we use existing infrastructure, and build our own where this is lacking. And, as a relatively new .com company, we are much more nimble and adaptable than others.
While we specialise in superfast fibre broadband, we also provide wireless broadband, and 4G and 5G solutions – Get in touch today to see what Broadway can do for you.

It’s perfectly true! Our commitment is to always be one of the most competitively priced Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK. We don’t charge for things you don’t need, but if you want telephony, faster and or symmetric speeds (both up and down), and static IP addresses, then we’re here to create solutions for you. And, if you need more speed, we’re racing ahead of the UK Government pledge to bring gigabit capable broadband to all by 2025, by constantly upgrading and improving our networks to ensure that our customers receive the fastest internet speeds available right now.

Not at all. We’re connecting towns and villages, as well as more remote communities, bringing superfast internet to thousands of people. We are able to do this because, by connecting across large geographical areas, the cost to us of connecting the very remote properties is spread across the whole network, so everyone wins. We connect communities, whoever, where ever. Not just rural broadband.

We certainly do.  Although our Head Office is based in Liverpool, we have regional offices in both Cwmbran in Wales and in Glasgow in Scotland.

If you are struggling with poor rural internet with one type of connection, you can explore different options with Broadway. Also, it could be that your current provider isn’t providing you with the service they promised, so switching to a better rural internet provider like us could make a difference to the quality of your broadband.

Providing the area you live in is made up of a few hundred or more homes you should be able to get both ADSL and fibre. However, smaller locations such as a small collection of houses or a single, isolated home are more likely to experience slow broadband connections which we can try and help you overcome.

The ultimate aim for the government is for every home in the UK to have a decent broadband connection. However, when it comes to introducing faster technologies, areas with a higher population will get it first, meaning areas with a lower population will generally come last. Rural internet connectivity is improving, but there is still some way to go. Here at Broadway, we strive to be the best internet provider in the UK for rural communities and we are passionate about helping the most difficult areas have a strong broadband connection.

Ofcom’s most recent Connected Nations report published in December 2020 revealed that 96% of the UK has access to superfast broadband. Therefore, for many households, even those in rural areas, the first place to turn for speeds of 30Mb+ is a provider who can offer superfast broadband in your community. For the 4% who don’t have access to superfast speeds however, the options can become more complicated but getting a reasonable broadband connection for those locations can still be achieved.

How are we different to other providers?

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